The Right Drink Will Enhance Your Meals At Ponte Vecchio

For over 35 years, Ponte Vecchio has been the go-to place in Brooklyn for high-end Italian cuisine. We always pride ourselves in exceeding our own expectations and providing a high-class dining experience for our guests the moment they step through our doors. We believe in taking our guests on a journey to Italy without them ever having to leave New York. At Ponte Vecchio, your meal is crafted with the freshest and best ingredients, and we believe that your meal should also be paired with one of our cocktails or beverages that will only serve to enhance the taste of your food.

Did You Know?

When dining out many people enjoy ordering beverages, whether it be a beer, cocktail, or a glass of wine. Some people may look at a menu and not put much thought into the drink they will have with their meal. However, the right drink can really elevate your meal and enhance the taste of your dish. A nice wine paired with your steak or pasta will bring out some of the underlying flavors of your meal which will make your eating experience all the more enjoyable.

Maybe wine isn’t exactly your favorite, and it is no problem because at Ponte Vecchio we can make the right recommendation for our guests on what would pair for their meals. Here are just a few recommendations we have on choosing the perfect beverage to pair with your meal:

Red Wine: Whether you go with pasta, or veal for your entree choice. A glass of red wine is always a classic when it comes to a beverage to have with your meal. With a vast variety of red wines to choose from our choice for a tomato-based pasta dish like our Fusilli Alla Filetto Di Pomodoro or our Vitello Parmigiana, we recommend a Pinot Noir. A light red wine that is pairs excellently with most tomato-based pasta, and cream-based pasta alike making it a very versatile wine. It has a light flavor, with an earthy complement that is sure to enhance the flavors of your meal when you sip on your glass.

Cocktails: Maybe wine isn’t for you, and that’s okay! When you dine with us at Ponte Vecchio, we make sure we have all your bases covered. Maybe instead of wine, you prefer a cocktail. Seafood dishes pair excellently with cocktails, as do filet and pasta! For your dish consider ordering a classic martini. Martini’s are served ice cold, with an olive garnish and its palate-cleansing taste will not try to compete with the bold flavor of your dinner. Making it an excellent drink to enjoy a flavorful meal.

White Wine: For any Italian dish, nothing pairs better than a classic Chardonnay. This classic white wine complements more kinds of pasta, and meals than any other white wine. With its lightly oaked taste, it will set the flavors off in almost any dish you order from our menu.