Pairing The Right Entree With The Right Occasion

Ponte Vecchio has been a staple of Fine Italian Cuisine in Brooklyn for over 35 years. We continue to raise the bar when it comes to providing a superior dining experience to any guest that steps through our doors. Everything we make is 100% authentic and widely considered to be the finest Italian Cuisine in Brooklyn. Our guests expect nothing but the best when they come to Ponte Vecchio, and that’s what makes us such a special dining experience. The same should be said about your own special occasions. Whether it’s a date night, business lunch, or family gathering, certain settings deserve certain considerations. That means pairing the right entree with the right occasion and making sure you put some thought into your dining choices.


Did You Know?


Most people actually know what they want to eat before they even look at a menu. Whether you know where you’re going ahead of time, or you make a choice at the last minute, we tend to know exactly what we want before we even step inside. You may look at a menu or deviate somewhat from your original desires, but we typically know what we are “craving.” This makes thinking about your setting or occasion even more important, because you may need to modify your cravings accordingly. We’ll explain why this is important below.


Consider these tips…


  • Does your date/someone in your party have any allergies? If you want a pasta with clam sauce but your date has a seafood allergy, it’s probably a good idea to avoid the clam sauce. It’s a small change, but it will ultimately help to make your night go much smoother. You don’t want to risk someone you’re dining with possibly getting sick right? Enjoy yourself, but think about those around you as well.
  • Are you dining with friends/family or business colleagues? This one is an important thing to factor in for a number of reasons. The biggest one is more about the setting. If you’re with people who know and love you on a personal level, you’re probably not as concerned about your appearance. Ordering a dish that may have a lot of sauce probably won’t be as much of a concern. When you’re with a business colleague, however, you’ll want to maintain a more professional appearance. That generally means avoiding dishes with a lot of sauce or the potential for a mess (IE: sauce stains on a white shirt). Try and be mindful of this and order your dishes accordingly.
  • Is it hot or cold outside? This is a much more important factor than many people may think it is. On a hot day, a seafood-based dish may be a better overall choice just because it will likely be lighter and less heavy. On a colder day, you may want a heavier or more hearty type of dish that will leave you with a more warm & full feeling inside.




Regardless of the setting or the people you’re with, factoring in certain circumstances can definitely help turn a good meal into a great one. Whether you’re dining with us for lunch or dinner with friends, family, or business colleagues, Ponte Vecchio offers something for everyone. When you’re looking for the right setting and some amazing dishes that will no doubt be among the highlights of your day/night, our goal is to make sure you leave with a smile on your face. For the one of a kind authentic experience you’ve been looking for, Ponte Vecchio is the right choice for you and your guests regardless of the setting. We hope to see you soon.


The one of a kind dining experience you’ve been dreaming of…


Making a Reservation for your next Date, Family Gathering, or Other Special Occasion is always advisable. This is especially important to keep in mind considering the fact that our tables are sometimes booked for months in advance. If you would like to make a reservation at Ponte Vecchio, please submit your request through our Reservation Request form located here. For availability, please give us a call today at (718) 238-6449.