Quality Appetizers Are More Than Just An Opening Act

For over 35 years, Ponte Vecchio has been a staple of Fine Italian Cuisine in Brooklyn. Our team continues to raise the bar when it comes to providing a superior dining experience to any guest that steps through our doors. Everything our world-class chefs make is 100% authentic and widely considered to be the finest Italian Cuisine in Brooklyn. Our guests expect nothing but the best when they come to Ponte Vecchio, and that’s what makes us such a special dining experience. Those special experiences can be even more special with the right appetizer.


Think about it…


How many times have you sat down for a meal at a restaurant and wished you had something other than rolls or breadsticks to enjoy? The number is probably more frequent than you may think. In fact, there have been a number of studies conducted that show many people refrain from ordering an appetizer or a drink until someone else does. This essentially delves into the idea of people feeling too self-conscious about themselves around others. But why wait until the main course arrives to enjoy yourself? Especially when a quality appetizer can be much more than just an opening act for the rest of your evening.


  • Appetizers get the conversation started. Whether it’s a date, a family meal, dinner with friends, or a business lunch, appetizers are a great way to get people talking. Many people naturally feel more comfortable in social settings when they’re eating or drinking something. They’re a wonderful way to start any meal.
  • Appetizers can set the tone. When you’re with another person and you’re looking to start your lunch/dinner off the right way, having an appetizer your table can share can really set a positive tone. Sharing an appetizer can be a very communal experience in many ways. It can also give you and your guest(s) something else to talk about.
  • Appetizers are a great way to tide you over. This is probably the most obvious benefit of ordering an appetizer, but it’s also the most important. When you’re hungry, you’re not always focusing on the company you’re with. Whether you’re on a date, enjoying a family meal, or dinner with friends, hunger pains tend to take people’s attention away. Don’t allow you or your guests to be hungry until the main course arrives. Satiate those hunger pains and get the conversations started sooner rather than later.




When you’re sitting down to enjoy a meal with someone, it should be about the food and the company. An appetizer helps to set the tone for your lunch/dinner and the occasion itself. Food can be a very communal experience, especially when it’s shared with others. Having a conversation starter in front of you like one of our delicious appetizers can truly help make your dining experience even more special. We hope to see you at Ponte Vecchio very soon.


Quite possibly the finest dining experience you’ll ever have…


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